Gemma, 20. Bristol/Birmingham. Student nurse. ☀

Sometimes I really hate my fellow countrymen. They’re playing a fresh round of let’s bash Andy because he’s voting for Scottish independence therefore he must hate English people because of those stupid comments that got taken out of context.

8 hours ago
Too young to be a nursing student? →


Meet Aimee who is discussing her perspective on being a young student nurse and outside perceptions.

I will be 21 when I qualify next year. I still get met with comments like ‘aren’t you a bit too young to be a nurse?’ on my last placement a patient’s carer said I looked more I was like 16 and should still be in high school rather than 20 and in my second year of university.

But I still work damn hard at university. I may not have had some of the life experiences that more mature students may have had. But I pride myself on being caring and compassionate and that’s good enough for me. The rest will come.

23 hours ago
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